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Your SINGLE window visibility across multiple transportation partners
Ready connectivity with over 100+ Logistics companies

As a shipper of goods or as a 3PL operator, you need to work with multiple transport partners to ensure timely delivery of material. This can be for inbound logisics from vendors to factory/ warehouse or outbound from warehouse to distributors and stores. With current Covid-19 situation, delivery from warehouse to consumer has also becoem essential part of logistics mix. 

LogiCloud helps you manage this diverse lanscape as a single platform.

LSP Allocation 

  • LogiCloud helps you to select from multiple transporters based on lane, service level, cost and ranking.
  • For e-commerce, LogiCloud confirms pincode serviceability and gets online AWB number and prints shipment label

Consignment Tracking

  • LogiCloud connects to APIs of logistics partners to get status of shipment from booking till delivery
  • LogiCloud maps varied status given by different LSPs into a single set of status for your consumption
  • For local logistics partners, LogiCloud provides a Mobile App and Portal to update status

POD management

  • LogiCloud downloads and tags all the PODs from your transporter’s servers
  • Transporters can also provider POD using a Mobile App or shared drive access
  • You can Audit each POD and assign status, remarks and action points for each shipment

Freight Audit

  • You can add freight rates for each transporter for different servcies
  • LogiCloud uploads invoice data from transporters and matches with contracts and service levels
  • Any shiment not meeting criteria can be parked for further scrutiny

We are here tp help. Do share your details and our team will try to undestand your business requirements. We thank you one again for your time and interest in LogiCloud.